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Owned and maintained by Newfoundland and Labrador Area Service Committee of Narcotics Anonymous

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Newfoundland & Labrador Area Service Committee (NLASC) Subcommittees

The purpose of the Activities Sub -Committee is to provide the fellowship in the Area Service Committee (ASC) with recovery-oriented events, activities and merchandise. The funds generated through the Activities Committee belong to the ASC and are to be used to support the ASC needs.

Hospitals and Institutions 
The purpose of the Hospitals and Institutions Sub -Committee (H&I) is to carry the message of NA to facilities whose clients are unable to attend regularly scheduled NA recovery meetings in the Area served by the ASC. 

Public Information
The purpose of the Public Information Sub -Committee (PI) is to provide ASC approved NA literature, speakers and information to the public. The PI Committee serves as a resource about NA in the area that the ASC serves.

Email Contact - nlarea.na.publicinformation@gmail.com

Additional Sub -Committees
The need for the establishment of additional Standing Sub -Committees  will be confirmed under motions brought forth during new business of the ASC and subsequent vote of GSR’s. 

Currently active:

All Sub -Sub -Committees  will follow the guidelines as established in Appendix A of NLASC Policies and Guidelines Document.  This document is available to member through your Home Groups General Service Representative (GSR) or any member of the NLASC Executive.